Lyrics: Mother's Army - For The Moment

I don't like what I think I'm seeing
I think we need some room to breathe in
Heads down shoulders to the wheel
We're out of touch with what is real

Can you put your toys away, for the moment?
Can you think about today, for the moment?
Can I get through, for the moment?
Am I getting through to you, for the moment?

Do you know the time of day?
You seem to throw your time away
Step back and take a look, for the moment
Let the phone ring off the hook, for the moment
Look at yourself, for the moment
Put your worries on the shelf, for the moment

You can't find it, the obvious ignored
You keep searching, but it’s right behind your door
Let the music set you free

When you look inside yourself
You'll see life's more than chasing wealth
Take some time out from the race, for the moment
It's the music you must face, for the moment
In shelter here, for the moment
Let go of all your fears, for the moment