The Blues Magazine Review

Witty memoirs from Aussie journeyman bassist

For Facts Sake is a welcome reminder that Daisley is far more than the thorn in the side of his 80s paymasters, the Osbournes. Granted, the legal ping-pong is a subject the bassist tackles – at one point recalling Sharon’s threat to have his “balls cut off” – but the meat of this self-penned doorstopper rightly focuses on that glittering journeyman career.

Daisley gets everywhere. In the 70s, he’s living it up with Chicken Shack (one memorable incident finds the band drink- driving home, with Stan Webb operating the pedals and Daisley the wheel). With Gary Moore, he instigates such ferocious benders that the Irishman has to play with a bucket on stage. Indeed, for all Daisley’s brusque wit, the best line goes to Moore, on the subject of Sharon’s fluctuating weight: “How does Ozzy fuck that? Roll her in flour and look for the damp spot?”

Review by Henry Yates for The Blues Magazine • July 2014