Tim Melton Review of Planet Earth

If you're looking for hard rock that has been created with brains, and a healthy dose of muscular musicianship then look no further than this 1997 sophomore release from super-group Mother's Army. Workhorse bassist Bob Daisley, (Ozzy, Rainbow) guitarist Jeff Watson, (Night Ranger) vocalist Joe Lynn Turner, (Rainbow, Deep Purple) and drummer Carmine Appice (Ozzy, Vanilla Fudge) have put together 9 tracks of powerful hard rock that'll have you beggin' for more upon each track's completion. Songs like "Cradle To The Grave," and "Planet Earth," wrap a socially, and environmentally conscious vibe around Daisley and Watson's stunning performances, and Joe Lynn Turner's smokey vocals to create material that is both slammin' and thought provoking at the same time without becoming preachy. Because of their veteran status the band are tight as a glove, and Daisley, and Appice lock in like nobody's business on the bouncy "Misery Me," and the Middle Eastern tinged "For The Moment", to prove that these guys are no slouches in any department. Planet Earth is solid from start to finish, and as an added bonus the band even slide into a piano/bass driven, blues-y, saloon style groove on the last track "Mother Earth." to bring the album to an end.

Review by Tim Melton